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Pocket Size Beach Blanket, Waterproof Picnic Mat For The Park, Large Sandless Beach Sheet: Takes Zero Place! Big Tarp for Backpacking, Picnic, Outdoor Sports, Festivals, Camping (Blue) + Accessories

Product Description

</b>A Blanket So Compact, So Pocket-Sized, That It's Shocking How Big And Versatile It Is! </b><br><br> Thermalabs compact pocket blanket provides a comfortable barrier between you and the ground. Our blanket is light and more water resistant than canvas and it makes a perfect seat cover or bleacher pad when you’re at the stadium rooting for your team, or watching your child play at their little league game. <br><br> The blanket includes four pins to secure it to the ground, and at 55x70 inches there's plenty of room for the whole family! <br><br> </b>So Much More Than Just A Beach Blanket</b><br><br> The compact blanket is ready for whatever adventure you’re going on. The durable polyester will stand up year in and year out, and cleanup is simple because it’s machine washable. <br><br> You get so much more than just a blanket: <br><br> •Keep your valuables dry – waterproof ziplock storing bag<br><br> •Get the most out of your day in the sun – beach hacks guidebook included<br><br> •Entertain your kids – coloring book and 4 crayons included<br><br> •Keep the blanket grounded – stakes included to attach to ground<br><br> •Store everything in style – matching storage pouch bag<br><br> This blanket has so many more uses than picnics or beaches. Use if for the home as a place to sit muddy shoes or boots when people come in. Also can be used as tack for small horses or ponies to protect them from the rain or under the saddle. Lay it across your cars back seat to keep the dog comfortable, and protect your upholstery. It’s essential gear when camping. Use it under the tent or throw it over a rock to sit on while you fish. <br><br> </b>Don't wait, upgrade your outdoor experience today! </b>



  • PACK IT ANYWHERE - COMPACT, PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT! Thermalabs compact beach blanket fits easily in a backpack, large pants or jacket pocket ideal to take along for a day at the beach, at the stadium, on a picnic, at the gym, hiking, or whenever you're enjoying the great outdoors. Makes a great pocket blanket or a seat protector for your car, camper or RV. Pack a few blankets when you’re going to your children's soccer, baseball or football games
  • SHARE YOUR BLANKET WITH MORE PEOPLE – 55x70 INCH SIZE COVERS LARGER AREA! Hate having to carry a bag of beach towels or an uncomfortable vinyl tarp? Then Thermalabs pocket beach blanket/picnic blanket is the answer you’re looking for. Just one of our blankets covers more area than a single towel and takes up less storage space! Use it as an umbrella to keep you dry in case of rain or bad weather, and it’s big enough for both you and your children to sit on together!
  • STAY DRY AND COMFORTABLE - DURABLE, WATERPROOF DESIGN: Thermalabs sports blankets are constructed of durable polyester material that will keep you dry on wet grass or wet stadium seat. Also doubles as a ground tarp or cover for keeping you dry when the ground’s wet. This blanket’s durable construction is designed to last through each season — much more durable than a standard beach towel! Clean up is easy; it’s machine washable!
  • EXPRESS YOUR STYLE - MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS: Available in Pink, Blue, or Dark Blue Navy, our sport picnic blanket will easily match your team’s colors or your personal style. Thermalabs pocket beach picnic blanket comes with a convenient, color-matched carrying drawstring bag for easy travel, carrying and storage. Keep a few in the car, the camper, RV or on the boat — there’s no reason to be without this essential outdoor gear
  • KEEP VALUABLES DRY - BONUS ZIPLOCK WATERPROOF BAG: No matter what the weather forecast says, rain and snow sneak up on you when you’re not ready for it. Whether you’re out at the beach or on a picnic, Thermalabs handy zipper lock water proof bag will allow you to store your valuables like keys, or cellphone and keep them dry in case Mother Nature has other ideas. Plus, you can easily use this blanket as a protective, waterproof canopy to keep you dry if rain tries to ruin your fun




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